Kamerarental is the leading camera rental house in Scandinavia. Represented in: Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Cooperating with companies and partners worldwide, our main purpose is to accommodate national and international feature films, TV Dramas, Commercials and Documentaries. With our wide variety of high end camera equipment and accessories.

We strive to help every production, no matter the budget or time. We are proud to help everyone from the small independent productions to large Hollywood productions.

Among our services you will find our Post department, which offers everything from file conversion, back-up, conforming and delivery of dailies and off-line files to fully functional editing suites and also a 4K Cinema equipped with Baselight 2 for color grading.

We also offer a well-equipped expendable store, at our offices in Oslo and Copenhagen.
Here you will find everything you need as a 1AC, DOP, Clapper loader or just a happy filmmaker. With top brands like: ARRI, Blueshape, Easyrig, Cinebags, Setwear, Pro-Gaff and much more.

Please call us or come by at anytime, and let us tailor your camera needs and digital workflow, to fit correctly for your next production. And at the same time let us serve you a delicious coffee